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Imperial Death Star Manual H5372

Imperial Death Star Manual DS-1 Orbital Battle Station By: Ryder Windham, Illustrators Chris Reiff - & Chris Trevas Following the success of the Haynes Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual, this follow-up volume covers the equally iconic Imperial Death Star battle station. The Death Star is... (Läs mer)

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BMW M3 H5292

BMW M3 The complete history of these ultimate driving machines By: Graham Robson Whatever the model and whatever the year, an M3 has always been the fastest, most capable and most technically advanced car in its class. BMW have enjoyed motorsport success since the 1930s, but it wasn't until 1986... (Läs mer)

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Lotus Seven The Magnificent 7 (3rd Edition) H5391

The Magnificent 7 (3rd Edition) The enthusiasts guide to all models of Lotus and Caterham Seven, from 1957 to the present day By: Chris Rees Getting behind the wheel of a Caterham Seven is one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable for a keen driver. The third edition of this well-respe... (Läs mer)

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The Old Rockers Handbook H5474

he Old Rockers' Handbook All the mature musician needs By: Chris Maillard Today's middle-aged people just don't act middle-aged. With their extreme sports and their adventure holidays, they refuse to grow old. Or even grow up. And they love music too; going to see it, buying it - and of course p... (Läs mer)

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Porsche 911 50 Years

Author: Randy Leffingwell Format: Hardcover, 256 Pages Publisher: Motorbooks Specs Illustrations: 150 color & 150 b/w images Size: 10 x 12.25 Weight: 4.438 lb. Edition: First Published: October 20th 2013

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Toyota RAV4 (96 - 10) C68670

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McLaren M23 Manual H5312

McLaren M23 Manual An insight into owning, racing and maintaining McLarens legendary Formula 1 car By: Ian Wagstaff The McLaren M23 first appeared in 1973, and became McLaren's first World Championship winner when Emerson Fittipaldi took the title in 1974. As depicted in the new feature film Rus... (Läs mer)

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UFO Investigations Manual H5400

UFO Investigations Manual UFO investigations from 1892 to the present day By: Nigel Watson UFOs have been a global phenomenon from the late 19th century to the present day, and this Haynes manual will examine many UFO investigations worldwide by looking at the government reports - both official ... (Läs mer)

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Ford Mustang Fifty Years

In the early 1960s, Lee Iacocca—then director of the Ford division at Ford Motor Company—convinced Henry Ford II to produce a sporty four-seat car aimed at the emerging youth market. That car, essentially a reconfigured and re-skinned Falcon economy car, became the Ford Mustang, and it changed t... (Läs mer)

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The All American Muscle Car

Author: The birth of the muscle car, mid-sized cars with big engines making big horsepower, marked not only a revolution in performance—but also a revolution in marketing. For the first time ever, car manufacturers tailored their product to a youth audience. The genre thrived in the 60s and early... (Läs mer)

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Chevy Chevelle 50 Years

Chevrolet never intended the Chevelle to be a groundbreaking car. In fact, they intended it to be anything but a ground-breaking car. It may have been conventional, and it may have used old-fashioned technology, but without a doubt the Chevelle was a very, very good car—one of the best of its era.... (Läs mer)

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• Full description of the model development • Analysis of the Monster by each Model year • All Monsters covered, from 600 to 1100cc • Unravels a myriad of different models and changes • Complete appendices of technical specifications Description When Ducati released the Monster in... (Läs mer)

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British and European Trucks of the 1980s

• The first book to focus on trucks from the 1980s • Includes both British & European trucks • An A-Z of all manufacturers • Mostly colour photos • Most images are unique and never published before Description This unique book explores the products of more than 50 truck manufacture... (Läs mer)

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Lambretta Bible 1947-71

The Lambretta Bible – Covers all Lambretta models built in Italy: 1947-1971 By Pete Davies Hardback • 160 pages • 250x207mm • 192 illustrations ISBN: 978-1-845845-21-6 Features * Complete model history for each Italian machine * New, previously unpublished photographs * Frame numbe... (Läs mer)

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Triumph Tiger Cub Bible

The full history of the popular Triumph Cub motorcycle. This ultimate reference source book covers every aspect of these machines, including 22 detailed model profiles, delivery details, technical design specifications, military, police and competition bikes, plus the full story behind the model’s... (Läs mer)

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Custom Semi
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The Fast and the Furious- The official car guide
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